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EBJHS Girls Track Results

Our girls had a great night at the El Campo Middle School Relays with both girls' divisions taking the 1st place team honors.  The competition was the best we have faced on the year and many of our girls had their personal best runs, jumps and throws.  It was an outstanding performance by all the JH Brahmarette and Brahma athletes.   


Individual congratulations go out to some of our 7th and 8th grade athletes.  Our 8th grade girls 4 x 100m Relay composed of Madison Crist, Keatan Fortenberry, Camryn Whitley and Zoey Talas who ran a 52.20 breaking the previous record time of 52.47 set by them the first meet of the season. The 7th grade 4 x 200m Relay composed of Riley Bottoms, Lauren Ware, Kenna Marek and Kynlee Hall ran a 1:57.80 breaking the previous record from 2005 of 1:59.70 held by Hillarie Blazek, Morgan Kramr, Amanda Walters and Elexis Delgado.  7th grader Madison Muzik broke Elizabeth Guerra's 2012 1600m Run record of 5:52.87 running an outstanding time of 5:47.32. Finally, 7th grader Emilia Pyle broke the Shot Put record with a throw of 28' 7 3/4" previously held by Blair Berry in 2013 with a 28' 6" throw.      


We are extremely proud of our Brahmarettes.  Their hard work and dedication to the Brahmarette program is obvious in their performances at each meet.  We look forward to our next meet in Rice onFriday, March 24, 2017.  


Thank you for your continued encouragement and support to our athletes.  

Coach Janecek and Coach Coach Hudgins




8th Girls El Campo Track Results

March 9 ,2017


Long Jump:               Keatan Fortenberry                 14’ 7”              1st

                                    Zoey Talas                               13’ 9”              4th


Triple Jump:             Keatan Fortenberry                 33’ 6”              1st


High Jump:               Zoey Talas                               4’6”                 1st

Pole Vault:                 Katherine Ellis                        6’0”                 2nd


Discus:                        Peyton McGuire                      80’ 2”              2nd


Shot Put:                    Camryn Whitley                     29’ 4”              6th       



2400m Run:               Kimball Swiger                       10:29.28          2nd


400m Relay:               Madison Crist, Keatan Fortenberry, Camryn Whitley, Zoey Talas   

52.20               1st (New EB 8th Girls Record)

Previous record was set at the first meet this season by the same girls.


800 Run:                    Madison Crist                         2:38.32            1st  

                                    Kimball Swiger                       2:49.29            5th

                                                Valerie Grigar                          2:52.72            6th

100m Hurdles:           Rylee Kellner                          17.99               2nd


100m Dash:                Keatan Fortenberry                 13.26               1st


800m Relay:               Sarah Garcia, Rylee Kellner, Rylan Warncke, Katherine Ellis

                                                                                    2:03.52            6th

400m Dash:                Camryn Whitley                     1:08.11            2nd

Kimball Swiger                       1:11.35            5th


300m Hurdles:           Rylee Kellner                          55.49               2nd

Rina Bowers                           56.38               3rd

                                   Katherine Ellis                        57.74               5th


200m Dash:                Zoey Talas                               27.75               1st


1600m Run:               Valerie Grigar                         6:34.02            2nd

                                    Rylan Warncke                       6:49.40            4th


1600m Relay:             Madison Crist, Camryn Whitley, Zoey Talas, Keatan Fortenberry

                                                                                    4:19.22            1st

Team Totals:

East Bernard   179      1st Place                                  Wharton          43        5th Place

El Campo        150      2nd Place                                  West Brazos    42        6th Place

Needville         104      3rd Place                                  Sweeny           41        7th Place

Edna                52        4th Place



7th Girls El Campo Track Results

March 9, 2017


Discus:                        Kenadi Domel                         60’7”               5th

                                    Isabel Stork                             60’3”               6th

Shot Put:                   Emelia Pyle                             28’7.75”          2nd        *NEW EB 7th Girl’s Record

Previous record was set by Blair Berry in 2013 with a 28’6

Kenadi Domel                         27’4.25            6th

Long Jump:               Jolie Peloquin                          13’2”               2nd

                                    Brooke Goates                         12’6’                4th

Triple Jump:             Jolie Peloquin                          29’9.5”            2nd

                                    Riley Bottoms                         28’1”               5th

                                    Samantha Rabius                    27’9”               6th

High Jump:                Kenna Marek                          4’                     4th – Tie


Pole Vault:                 Callie Dusek                           4’                     2nd – Tie


2400m Run:               Alejandra Avila                       10:07.12          4th

                                    Maria Avila                             10:17.32          6th


800 Run:                    Madison Muzik                       2:32.39            1st

Ella Grymes                            2:47.51            3rd

Morgan Gasch                        2:49.43            4th

100m Hurdles:           Samantha Rabius                    19.58               6th


800m Relay:               Riley Bottoms, Lauren Ware, Kenna Marek, Kynlee Hall

                                                                                    1:57.80            3rd  *NEW EB 7th Girl’s Record

Previous record was set by Hillarie Blazek, Morgan Kramr, Amanda Walters, Elexis Delgado in 2005 with a 1:59.70

400m Dash:                Lauren Ware                           1:08.99            4th

Ella Grymes                            1:10.41            5th

                                    Jolie Peloquin                          1:11.55            6th

300m Hurdles:           Kynlee Hall                             52.00               1st

Samantha Rabius                    58.00               6th

200m Dash:                Riley Bottoms                         29.33               1st

1600m Run:               Madison Muzik                       5:47.32            1st        *NEW EB 7th Girl’s Record

Previous record was set by Elizabeth Guerra in 2012 with a 5:52.87

                                   Morgan Gasch                         6:19.43            4th

                                    Alejandra Avila                       6:22.80            5th     


1600m Relay:             Kynlee Hall, Lauren Ware, Samantha Rabius, Madison Muzik

                                                                                    4:38.25            1st

Team Totals:

East Bernard   146.5   1st Place

West Brazos    135      2nd Place

Sweeny           123      3rd Place

Needville         95.5     4th Place

Edna                44        5th Place

El Campo        39        6th Place

Wharton          37        7th Place




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