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EBISD Responsible Use Policy

East Bernard ISD
Student Responsible Use Policy of Networks and Computers


East Bernard ISD strives to take advantage of the many new technologies and methods of communication that are now available to our students.  Students who have access to these new technologies have opportunities to learn, share, and create like never before.  However, with new opportunities, come new responsibilities.

The District provides a variety of technology resources available for student use.  In addition, students are now allowed to bring their own technology devices to school for educational purposes.  It must be understood that the device should be in proper working order and fully charged each day the device is needed in the classroom.  School personnel will not troubleshoot problems with student-owned devices.   

This policy summarizes responsible use and prohibited activities when using school-owned or student-owned technology resources on school grounds.  Students are expected to follow all guidelines listed below, as well as those given both orally or written by school staff.


Responsible Use and Netiquette

  • I understand that all material stored on district computers and network is the property of EBISD.  I also understand that the district has the right to evaluate or scan any file or application stored on a computer/electronic device or passing through the network at any time and will audit the use of district resources on a regular basis.


  • I will use technology resources in a productive manner and for school-related purposes only.  I will avoid using technology resources in a manner that would disrupt the activities of other students.   


  • I will not attempt to evade or circumvent Internet filters or security settings, or hamper the operation of the network by installing web-based services, illegal software and software that has not been approved by the Director of Technology.


  • I will refrain from streaming video or audio for personal entertainment as this may slow down the network for those using bandwidth for instructional purposes.


  • I will only use school network directories that are delegated for my use.


  • I will not view, display or save offensive, hate-based, insulting, or sexually explicit material.  I am responsible for avoiding these types of materials.  I also understand that I am to notify school personnel immediately if I encounter materials which violate appropriate use.


  • I will respect ownership of others’ material and will obey copyright rules and guidelines.  I will not plagiarize or use others’ work without proper citation and consent.


  • I understand that vandalism of any equipment is prohibited.  This includes modifying and/or destroying files, equipment, programs, or setting on computers or other electronic devices.


  • I will not bypass, in any way, district network security systems in order to visit restricted sites. 


  • I understand that impersonating someone else is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, creating accounts, sending e-mail, posting messages, or other online content in someone else’s name.


  • I understand that passwords are confidential and that I am responsible for maintaining the privacy of my account.  I will not let others use my account name or password or attempt to use others’.  I also understand that I am responsible for any activity that occurs under my account.  I will immediately alert school personnel if I feel the security of my account has been breached.


Digital Communication

  • I will use all means of digital communication responsibly.  I will not use computers, cell phones, handheld devices, the Internet, etc. to post or send harassing or hate mail, make insulting comments about others, access pornography or engage in harassment, cyber-bullying or any other disorderly behaviors online.


  • I will be courteous and use appropriate language in all of my digital communications with others.  I will avoid using inappropriate language online (as defined by school personnel).


  • I will follow all parameters set forth by the district and my teachers when publishing school projects online.


  • I understand that the Internet is a source of information that is both true and false.  The school district is not responsible for inaccurate information obtained online.


  • I understand that my school network is owned by EBISD and that I should not consider it to be private.  I am aware that the district has the right to monitor all electronic activity at any time.  


Government Laws

  • I will use computer and other mobile devices in compliance with the laws of the United States and the State of Texas.  These include, but are not limited to criminal acts, copyright violations, and libel laws.

Please sign, date and return the following sheet. You may keep the previous pages for your records.

Parent or Guardian

  • I understand that in some instances, some of my child’s classwork may be shared through blogs, videos, wikis, and other social media.  I acknowledge that EBISD will not share any of my child’s personal information, adhering to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.  If you do not wish for your student’s electronic work to be shared as stated above, please send a letter to your child’s school within two weeks of the receipt of this policy stating your denial of those activities.


  • By signing this agreement, I give my child consent to utilize the district’s network, computers and other electronic devices.  I also give my consent for my child to participate in all related classroom activities.


  • As the parent or guardian of this student, my signature acknowledges that I have read the EBISD Responsible Use Policy of Networks and Computers with my child and understand that that the district’s computer/network access is provided for academic purposes only.  I also acknowledge that it is impossible for EBISD to prevent access to all inappropriate materials found on the Internet, and I do not hold the district responsible for such materials acquired on the school network.


  • I will not hold EBISD responsible for any charges resulting from my child exceeding his or her data or text plan.  I will also not hold EBISD responsible for damage or loss to my child’s electronic device. 


Parent or Guardian Name: ____________________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature: _________________________________

Date: _____________________________


I have read and understand the EBISD Responsible Use Policy of Networks and Computers.  I understand that should I commit a violation, the consequences of my actions could result in suspension of computer privileges, disciplinary action, or referral to law enforcement. I understand that EBISD reserves the right to deem what conduct is inappropriate use if such conduct is not indicated in this policy.


Student Name: _________________________________________

Student Signature: ______________________________________

Date: ____________________________