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Amanda Heimann » Pre AP Biology

Pre AP Biology

Class Happenings Class Assignments and Activities
11/10 Cell Labeling Exam
11/9 Cell Unit Exam
11/7 Cell Review  - check classroom for links
11/6 Microorganism Microscope Lab
11/3 Journey Into the Cell WORKDAY
11/2 Cell Exploration Lab
11/1 Organelle Chart
10/30 Animal vs Plant
10/26 Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic
10/24 Introduction to Cells
10/20 Macromolecules in Food
10/19 Macromolecule Exam
10/16 Macromolecules Review
10/13 Macromolecule Candy and Chalk Lab
10/11 Building Macromolecules Lab
10/9 Enzymes
10/6 Name That Molecule
10/4 Biomolecule Chart
10/2 Introduction to Biomolecules
9/29 Owl Pellet Lab - questions and pictures submitted on Google Classroom.
9/28 Ecology Unit Test
9/27 Food web project - physical and digital portions.  The rubric is on Google Classroom.  This is two major grades!