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Mrs. Warncke's Classroom

The Watsons Go To Birmingham -1963
Dear Parents,
The 6th graders have enjoyed reading this hilarious novel.  While fictional, the story written by Christopher Paul Curtis addresses some of the social issues facing our country in the early 1960s.  To better understand the characters' motivation and emotional responses in the novel, we will be reading the following informational texts.  Below are the links so that you may preview them and/or discuss them with your student.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Students are required to earn 10 points through the AR system each six weeks.  They may read up to 3 books to acquire their points.  Points will then be converted to a numerical grade (for example 8 points = 80). The AR assignment should be complete by 4:00 P.M. on the date it is due.
3rd 6 weeks:  December 18, 2017
4th 6 weeks:  February 12, 2018
5th 6 weeks:  April 5, 2018
6th 6 weeks:  May 21, 2018
Intrapersonal Communication is communicating with ones' self. I know, it sounds like you've gone crazy! But think about it, everytime you pick out what you're going to wear, practice a difficult conversation in your head, solve a math problem, write in your planner, or journal, you're communicating with yourself. 

The key to a balanced person and successful intrapersonal communciation is to make sure your "inside" and your "outside" match. Do you show everyone in your life the real you, or do you sometimes feel like you're wearing a mask that is hiding the real you?

The Meyrs-Briggs Personality Inventory is widely regarded as one of the best personality tests around. Take the free online version to get a starting point to figuring out who you are on the inside and outside:


Want to know more about the personality descriptor you received?  
Here are some other options:

Looking for more ways to describe yourself? Here are a few lists!