The Vision and Mission of EBISD

Our Mission
Making the Best, Better!
The mission of EBISD, as a family and community-oriented district, is to inspire, guide, and provide students an education built upon high standards and traditional values.
We Believe:                  
●    Our duty is to prepare the next generation of leaders through innovative and collaborative learning practices focused on post-secondary opportunities in the workforce, military, or institutes of higher education.
●    Every child should have equal access to quality learning, and grow in a safe, secure, and respectful environment. 
●    In preserving the values and traditions of our school and community as we prepare for our future. 
●    In partnering with our families to develop citizens with exceptional character with exceptional character and high moral standards.
●    In attracting, developing, and retaining quality staff that contributes to a positive, collaborative, and professional school culture, raises the bar continually challenging our students, and maintains a strong tradition of excellence. 
●    In partnering with our community to foster enthusiasm, support, and encouragement for all academic and extra-curricular activities.