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EBHS Mighty Brahma Band UIL Contest Results

On Saturday at 1:45pm in El Campo the Mighty Brahma Band took the field at UIL Competition. The day was beautiful and perfectly clear for a change. Although windy the band and color guard held their own and did a great job performing. We unfortunately didn't earn the superior 1st division ratings we were hoping for. We overall received a 2nd division rating of Excellent with one of the three judges giving us a 3rd division of average. All judges stated multiple times how great the sound was from the band along with how well the color guard handled the wind, however we did get critiqued quite a bit on our posture and marching. These are things we have been working hard on. We plan to continue to improve more on our unified marching and posture for the rest of this year and for next year when we will be in rotation to advance to area and state.

We appreciated the parents and administrators who made it out to cheer us on. We plan to continue our push for improved marching fundamentals and are taking the good news from all judges about how good our music ability is and are looking forward to using that to our advantage for concert season this Spring as we prepare for concert and sight reading competition.
As a side note we are currently holding numbers in mid 60's for the last couple of years with this year topping out at 68 enrolled students. If we next year do not loose any numbers we could potentially have a marching band of 92 max students. We are very excited for this growth and plan to put on a great sound and show for next years state run. We look forward to surprising and entertaining you in the future of this season and season's to come.
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