Testing and Assessment

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Program for the 2023-2024 School Year
     *Students in grades 3 & 4 will take STAAR Math and RLA
        *STAAR RLA Grades 3 & 4 – April 17, 2024
        *STAAR Math Grades 3 & 4 – April 25, 2024
  *Junior High
     *Grade 5 will take STAAR Math, RLA, and Science.
     *Grades 6 & 7 will take STAAR Math and RLA
     *Grade 8 will take STAAR Math, RLA, Science, and Social Studies.
        *Grade 8 students enrolled in Algebra I will take the Algebra I EOC and be exempt from the Grade 8 STAAR Math.
        *STAAR RLA Grades 5-8 – April 9, 2024
        *STAAR Science Grades 5 & 8 – April 16, 2024
        *STAAR Social Studies Grade 8 – April 17, 2024
        *STAAR Math Grades 5-8 – April 24, 2024
  *High School
     *STAAR End of Course Assessments (EOCs) 
        *English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History 
        *Students must pass the end-of-course assessments to meet the testing requirements for graduation. 
     *EOC Retests will be given in December. (Week of December 5-8, 2023)
        *Dates: (TBD)
          * English I EOC – 
          *Algebra I EOC – 
          *Biology EOC – 
          *English II EOC – 
     *STAAR EOCs and EOC Retests
          *English I EOC – April 9, 2024
          *English II EOC – April 11, 2024
          *Biology EOC – April 16, 2024
          *U.S. History EOC – April 17, 2024
          *Algebra I EOC – April 23, 2024
Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS)
  • What is TELPAS?
    • TELPAS is an assessment program for students in Texas public schools who are learning the English language.  The Texas Education Agency developed TELPAS to meet state and federal requirements. Texas annually assesses the English language proficiency of students who have been identified as English learners (ELs) in four language domains—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. TELPAS evaluates the progress that each EL makes in becoming proficient in the use of academic English.
  • Who takes TELPAS?
    • Students in grades K-12 that have been identified as an EL are required to take TELPAS. This includes ELs whose parents have declined bilingual or English as a Second Language (ESL) program services. They will stop participating in TELPAS when their language proficiency assessment committee (LPAC) determines that they are proficient in the English language and have met exit criteria. This applies to all ELs even those who are not in a bilingual or ESL program. Once a student has met the state’s exit criteria, they will no longer be identified as an EL and will not have to participate in TELPAS. Information about the state’s reclassification (exit) criteria can be found at https://tea.texas.gov/bilingual/esl/education/.
  • TELPAS Dates:
    • March 5 & 6 - HS & JH take Listening & Speaking
    • March 19 & 20 - Elementary take Listening & Speaking
    • March 7 - HS & JH take Reading & Writing
    • March 21 - Elementary take Reading & Writing
SAT School Day, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 8/9
    *SAT School Day - October 11, 2023
     * only offered to Seniors that did not participate in the SAT School Day as juniors.
     *There is no fee.
    *SAT School Day - March 27, 2024
      *offered to all Juniors and Seniors that have not participated in the SAT School Day
     *Due to the test being digital, the test will be given in October. The specific dates are to be determined.
     *All sophomores will take the test.
        *EBISD covers all fees for sophomores.
     *Juniors have the option to register.
        *In order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship or National Recognition Programs, students must take
            the PSAT/NMSQT during their Junior year of high school.
        *There is an $18 fee.
  *PSAT 8/9 (digital)
     *Due to the test being digital, the test will be given in October. The specific dates are to be determined.
     *Any 8th or 9th graders can register.
     *The fee is $14.
   * Students will have the opportunity to register with Mrs. Rieger from Aug. 21 – Sept. 8, 2023.
  • The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Career Exploration Program (CEP) is a comprehensive career planning tool that enables meaningful career
    exploration and post-secondary planning. The ASVAB CEP harnesses the power of the world’s most validated aptitude test paired with an interest inventory to empower young people to explore the holistic world of work and make an individualized post-secondary plan.
  • The ASVAB CEP is offered to all 10th-12th graders. EBHS juniors are encouraged to participate.
  • EBHS will be giving the ASVAB CEP at school on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.