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Testing and Assessment

COVID 19 Update
STAAR Grades 3–8 Assessments
All State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) administrations scheduled
for April, May, and June 2020 are cancelled. Student Success Initiative promotion/retention
requirements found in the Texas Education Code (TEC), §28.0211 are waived for the 2019–
2020 school year. Districts will have local discretion on whether students in grades 5 and 8
should advance to the next grade, just like students in all other grades. In alignment with TEC,
§28.021, criteria that should be considered include the following:
• The recommendation of the student's teacher,
• The student's grade in each subject or course, and
• Any other necessary academic information, as determined by the district.
STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments
For students graduating in future years but taking one of the five courses with a corresponding
STAAR EOC assessment this year, those students will not be responsible for meeting that
EOC assessment graduation requirement if they earn course credit this year.
STAAR Alternate 2
The STAAR Alternate 2 administration window required under TEC, §39.023(b) and scheduled
for March 30 through April 21, 2020 is cancelled. For all students receiving special education
services, the admission, review, and dismissal committee will continue to make educational
decisions, including decisions related to required performance on academic assessments.
TELPAS and TELPAS Alternate
The Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) and TELPAS
Alternate administration windows are currently open and are being extended to remain open
through May 29, 2020, for a district to complete optionally if it chooses. Scoring data will be
provided for each TELPAS domain a student completes. TEA is looking at exit criteria for
English learners to determine what adjustments may be made this year for this determination.
These discussions are ongoing, and more information will be provided as it develops.
The College Board has cancelled the March 28, 2020 and May 2, 2020 national test administrations.
Registered students will receive a refund. The College Board has not yet cancelled the national SAT test
administration scheduled for June 6, 2020. The College Board is assessing future testing opportunities
as well as drafting guidance on school day administrations for the SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9. The
College Board will update their webpage regularly with information about the impact of the
To help students keep their college readiness skills sharp while many schools are closed, the College
Board and Khan Academy continue to provide free resources online, including full-length practice tests
and personalized learning tools at khanacademy.org/sat.
ACT has rescheduled the April 4, 2020 national test administration to June 13, 2020. ACT will send an
email to registered students with instructions on how to reschedule. ACT is assessing guidance on
district/school day administrations and has created a webpage with real-time updates for this evolving