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EBHS - Best of the Best since 1915

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Parent Resources - The Impact of Teen Vaping
East Bernard High School, in conjunction with the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University, is working to provide our families with information regarding the trending topics facing our teenage students. Recently the vaping pandemic has taken center stage with reports of lung disease, medical emergencies and even death of teenagers as a result of vaping.
Please visit the Parent Resource tab for information regarding teen issues and also click on the links below.  The top link is for an article from Yale Medical Center that further educates the reader regarding the dangers of vaping, and the second link is a Channel 13 report on a Texas A&M student.

Game Day Info!

Memorial Stadium Expectations

We are super excited to have all of you in the “new” stadium for the Brahmas home opener against Hitchcock this Friday at 7:30 p.m. At half time, we will rededicate Memorial Stadium in a brief ceremony partnered with the American Legion and the Mighty Brahma Band. We hope that the recent improvements will improve your experience at the stadium while continuing to honor our past and tradition. 

With the new stadium, we ask that you partner with us to keep everyone safe and the game enjoyable for all patrons.


Parking is limited! The Naiser lot is currently closed due to construction and parking lot conditions. You may use any other paved lot as well as the Gayla lot and the grass lot near the tennis courts, weather permitting. No street parking is allowed on Leveridge from College to the post office. Handicap accessible parking remains in front of the weight room and in the cafeteria lot. Construction has taken over some of our sidewalks. Please be very careful walking to the stadium.


  1. Please do not stand along the front rail of the stadium seating. 
  2. Handicap accessible seating is along the front row of the stadium. 
  3. Home and visitor gate entry points remain the same.
  4. Reserved seating is in front of the pressbox roughly where it was before and the seats are numbered. Row numbers are on the end of each aisle. General admission seats are not numbered. 
  5. Please utilize the sidewalks. The footpaths within the stadium are completely different with a variety of grades in sidewalks and gravel. Please watch your step! 


  1. Shall be in dress code for games. Shorts are permitted but should be of a reasonable, respectable length. 
  2. Students shall remain in the stands during the game. No running, playing, or loitering under the stands.
  3. Do not stand on the front rails as its an evacuation hazard and blocks the view of the lower rows. 
  4. Enjoy the new concession stand, but please throw away your trash.
  5. No throwing food or objects in the stands or down below. 
Be Loud, Be Proud, Be a Brahma!
Our Fans are the Greatest!
Just a few guidelines from the UIL that will help keep Brahma fans the Best of the Best!
The UIL has a few basic tips that can help steer you in the right direction.
1. The field of play is the athletic classroom for student-athletes. Instead of math and science they learn teamwork and group responsibility in addition to dealing with success and overcoming adversity.  Support them in their efforts!

2. Your ticket does not entitle you to disrespect or degrade others in any way. Everyone who is a part of high school athletics gives their best effort and that commitment to educational athletics should be celebrated.

3. Understand that the student-athletes you are watching will make mistakes, and no participant
should be ridiculed at any time because of their efforts. Many of them are still learning the games they play.

4. High school coaches are also full-time teachers. 

5. Officials are present to promote the game and the student-athletes involved. They make judgment calls in good faith based on their knowledge and extensive training. A lot of time and effort has gone
into making sure that they know the rules.
Respect their decisions!

6. Finally, you are a guest of the school, please respect this concept. Winning is an admirable goal of competition, but it is nothing if it comes at the expense of morals, ethics, and common sense.
Follow the link below for the updated UIL Sportsmanship manual.   
Be Loud, Be Proud, Be a Brahma!
EBHS Media Productions presents.....Tradition Never Graduates!
Special thanks to the EBHS Audio Visual/Media Productions crew for developing the "hype" video for the new year and illustrating how Tradition Never Graduates at East Bernard.  Each year a special group of students forge their own path, leaving a unique mark at EBHS, all the while following, and honoring the traditions that have been established before them.
Thanks to sponsor Lauren Haedge and all students who participated in the project, especially Emelia M, for capturing the Brahma Tradition.
Go Brahmas and Brahmarettes!
Important Dates:
Sept 13- VB vs Boling
Sept 13- FB vs. Boling
Sept 14 - CC at Moulton
Sept 18- PSAT registration ends
Sept 25- See You at The Pole
      7:25am - Memorial Stadium
"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say, I just watch what they do!" 
                  -Mae West
The Power of 100!