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2022-2023 UPDATES
Please see the links below for changes to the Student Dress Code, Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct. 
See the attachment below for clarification on tailored, fitted (non-cotton, nylon, polyester) athletic pants. 
Attendance Counts!
Regular school attendance is essential. Each absence from class results in the serious disruption of a student’s education. The student and parent should avoid unnecessary absences. Two important state laws oversee student attendance—one dealing with Compulsory Attendance and the second is the 90% Rule which impacts course credit, both laws impact the ability of the student to graduate from high school.  
EBISD Mission Statement
All students will develop essential academic skills and acquire a knowledge base upon which to build lifelong learning. Citizenship, economic responsibilities, heritage, logic, independence, creativity, and communication shall be emphasized. To fulfill this mission, instruction must be of the highest quality, equity must be maintained for all students, and educators shall be accountable for results.