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En Español

Señora Sandoval

1st period Spanish 2
2nd period Spanish 3
3rd period Spanish 2
4th period Spanish 3
5th period Spanish 2
6th period Conference (12:34 -1:19)
7th period Spanish 2
8th period Spanish 2
A little about me.
I have taught Spanish at East Bernard High School for 10 years.  My degree in Spanish is from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State). I am a teacher because I love working with teenagers.  I see the beauty in the hopes and dreams of my students and work to push them toward achieving their goals.  I have high expectations for my students.  I expect them to complete all of my assignments and encourage them to try again if necessary.  Please understand that I am here for all of my children.  We are a Brahma family.  Parents, please contact me if there is anything you want to discuss regarding your child's performance in my class. 
What do students need.
Spanish 2 will need the binder you created in your Spanish 1 class.
Spanish 3 will need the binder you have developed through Spanish 1 and 2.
If you are new to the district, please bring the binder or folder you used for your last Spanish class.  Also, please bring a set of alphabetical dividers and a set of 5 regular dividers.  I will help you get set up once we meet.  :)
Online assignments and extra credit information.
We use Quizlet to review vocabulary, Edmodo to take grammar quizzes, Edpuzzle to watch videos and answer questions. The extra credit assignments are posted on Edmodo at the 3rd week of the six weeks.  Extra credit is worth up to 4 points on a test grade.