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Parent Resources

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   EBHS, in conjunction with the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University, is working to provide our families with information regarding the trending topics facing our teenage students.  Topics include: 
   *Vaping - the latest craze sweeping the teenage world.  The use of Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices has increased 900% since 2014 and the teen population is driving this increase. 
   *Marijuana - the upswing in the use of Marijuana.  With many states moving to legalize the drug, it has regained popularity among teens and the safe/legal drug.  However, regardless of legal status, the harmful impact on the adolescent brain and body have not changed.
    *Internet Safety - keeping studnets safe, and understanding the lasting impact of what is being posted.  The National Cyber Security Alliance is a great resource for families.
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Share With Care

  • Be aware of what’s being shared:
  • Be aware that when you post a picture or video online, you may also be sharing information about others or personal details about yourself like where you live, go to school or hang out.
  • Post only about others as you would like to have them post about you:
  • The golden rule applies online as well. Ask permission before you tag a friend in a photo.
    Own your online presence:
  • It’s OK to limit who can see your information and what you share. Learn about and use privacy and security settings on your favorite online games, apps and platforms.
  • What you post can last a lifetime:
  • Before posting online, think about what others might learn about you and who might see it in the future – teachers, parents, colleges and potential employers. Share the best of yourself online.